Kris Rome

Kris Rome

Kris Rome

EXP: 7 Years (Office Coordinator)

Kris is a 2002 graduate of St Cloud State University. Kris brings 12 years of combined Retail and Member Services at a financial institution along with 9 years of Medical Experience as an Information Systems Help desk Specialist at a major medical facility.

She brings this knowledge to Forever Young Two Medical; it goes hand-in-hand with the philosophy of how we treat our patients. At her previous employers, she was responsible for day to day operations and customer service.

Her experience coupled with an awesome personality makes her an exceptional Office Coordinator. Kris handles each patient with extraordinary care and enjoys seeing patients achieve optimal wellness.

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Office Coordinator at Forever Young Two 9 years of medical experience as an Information Systems Specialist


  • 6 years of retail experience
  • 6 years in member services
  • 9 years of medical experience


  • Customer Service
  • Customer Retention
  • Day-to-Day Operations