Kim Nistler

Kim Nistler

Kim Nistler

EXP: Healing Touch (Healing Touch Practitioner/ Registered Nurse)

I have always had a connection to people’s feelings and emotions. I was that person that tried to make you feel better through laughter or listening. That led me to a path of nursing. I have had the privilege in the past 12 years to work with some amazing patients, from preemies through hospice. Each patient and family member was unique and had their own strengths and weaknesses. That brought me joy, compassion and strength to continue my own journey of finding myself.

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Four years ago I started my Healing Touch journey during a nursing education seminar. My unique ability to understand the body’s energy was apparent and I became a Practitioner in 2016.


  • I have been amazed with the profound experience I had through my journey. I have learned to love myself unconditionally. I now love to enhance other’s ability to self-heal and empower themselves to find unconditional love within themselves.


  • I utilize essential oils, positive affirmations, therapeutic talk and Healing Touch Therapy in my practice. This allows the body to relax and heal deep emotional stressors on an energetic level thus, fulfilling the feeling of peace and love.