Carol Brinkman

Carol Brinkman

Carol Brinkman

EXP: FNP-BC (Family Nurse Practitioner)

Carol Brinkman, FNP-BC formed the company FOREVER YOUNG TWO Medical as of February 2016 allowing her to fully utilize her over 3 decades of experience and bring to Central Minnesota an entirely new and holistic approach to patient treatment using a combination of traditional and non-traditional medical practices.

Carol has established significant name recognition in the Central Minnesota market and beyond. Carol believes her talents and patient treatment methods will provide the marketplace with a wanted and needed alternative to the large patient churn clinics that dominate Central Minnesota. Not only are her credentials and reputation impeccable, her dedication to long term patient health is unequaled and their results speak for themselves generating loyalty and referrals.

Carol believes that there is a segment of current and prospective patients of medical services that desire: an evolutionary integration of traditional and alternative medicines, a holistic approach utilizing traditional and alternative medical sources to treat their specific ailment and pain, limiting or eliminating the use of traditional pharmaceutical therapies generally prescribed.

The current and prospective patients: are open minded, not in it for the quick fix that most likely simply masks the symptoms, are open to education, are open to education about holistic and traditional options, look at us as the resource that is able to pull it all together have the ability to pay for our services.

FOREVER YOUNG TWO will position itself as the provider of holistic traditional and non-traditional medicine whose primary objective is to improve the quality of life for its patients.

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Most recently, Mrs. Brinkman is a Family Nurse Practitioner at a small private practice in Sartell, MN, but her history includes experience in both public and private settings. She spent a combined total of 22 years as a Public Health Nurse and then as a Licensed School Nurse. She remains passionate about education, evidenced by her current role as presenter on the KNSI AM Radio Show, “The Doctor Is In”, on which she has discussed topics such as diabetic care, women’s health care, diet, and exercise.


  • Veteran Nurse
  • Research
  • 22 Years Public Health Nurse


  • Hormone
  • Therapy
  • Apothecary
  • Nutrition
  • Wellness