Allen Brinkman

Allen Brinkman

Allen Brinkman

EXP: Consultant (Consultant)

Allen’s career has been one that has served the public well. Allen grew up in a family business managing the retail business until it was sold in the 80’s. Allen then focused his career in public service working for the MN Department of Correction in various positions.

In 2005 Allen retired from Public Service to pursue a Consulting Career. In March of 2016 his dream came true. He and his wife Carol opened a medical clinic in Monticello MN. They talked long and at length about opening a healthcare facility focused on: how to take charge of their own health, treating people at the core and teaching them better ways to manage their health.

Carol and Allen have always had the passion to teach people. We help people learn how to use Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and share our knowledge and skills with all walks of life with a goal of helping people make choices to achieve optimal wellness.

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