Ultratone Futura Pro

Ultratone Futura Pro

Ultratone Futura Pro

The continuous struggle of the ever expanding – a problem solved medically.

The Futura Pro System provided by Forever Young Two Medical Aesthetics and Healing has brought together the latest FDA Approved device combined with a medically managed weigh loss program to guide us thru the difficulties of weight management.

Reduce Waist line with FY2

The skinny on fat burning
It is no secret that todays society struggles with weight management. People often turn to pills, fad diets and quick fix plans to help them lose weight and get fit resulting in short term success but long term anguish.

At Forever Young Two we combine a system called Futura Pro and dietary guidance to assist in your weight management journey. The Futura Pro system is a powered muscle stimulator with 10 separate channels using 20 electrodes to stimulate your muscles and burn the fat that is in your system. The Muscle Stimulation works is concert with Ultra Sound Technology.

Together we help you achieve optimal health.

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