Have you ever experienced spiritual body connect – a healing touch session?

Healing Touch is a practice working with your energy field to support the natural ability to heal. Healing Touch works in harmony with the practices of Forever Young Two Medical.

Spiritual body connection
Healing Touch is great for relaxation, pain, balancing chakras, releasing negative energies and connecting the physical body with the spiritual body.

This is done in many different ways such as affirmations, developing a keen awareness of your
emotions and creating self-scripts that can condition the subconscious mind to develop a greater positive perception of yourself. Affirmations can help change harmful behaviors into positive goals.

Healing Touch at FY2

Intuitive Advisor
As Healing Touch practitioner I have a gift to connect with angels, deceased people and living people’s energies. A past life mediation is done through guided mediation. As we discuss your life, both past and present, you may find answers to issues you are currently experiencing offering closure or other karmic lessons.

Passion Statement
I have always had a connection with spirits and thought this was “normal”. As a teenager I lost my way but was pulled back into my life’s purpose. I allowed myself to work with a Healing Touch practitioner to further my skills. I found my calling and passion in life. I have the opportunity to be one of two nurses at Forever Young Two Medical and as a part of that we have incorporated my Healing Touch into the practice.

We are committed to improving your quality of life.

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